Florent Bagni sarcastic about his cancer in “The Voice”.

L ‘The picture surprised its regular viewers the sound : Saturday evening, Florent Bagni suddenly appeared with a shaven head, reminding everyone that he’s been battling lung cancer for four months now. But he maintained his good spirits and sense of humor, as evidenced by his exchange with his friend Nikos who immediately welcomed his “new haircut”. “It’s not even a haircut anymore,” he said, referring to his hair damaged during treatment. “These chemicals lose my hair a little bit, but that’s okay, it doesn’t stop me from staying looking and feeling good,” Mischievous continued.

Indeed, there was no doubt about burdening the atmosphere with disease: Nikos did not hesitate to compare him to Mr. Yoda of star WarsWhile Amal Bint found that he looked like “Professor with a shaved head” X-Men Bagni noted in his show that he had actually worn this look for five years prior to that, a way of relativizing this new, drastic cut that his treatment had forced upon him. Until then, TF1 aired its taped shows in December, before Bagni’s cancer was discovered. Which explains why the singer has retained his old look, with the brush hair and long beard we know.The superhero cross-legged fights were taped this weekend after the fact, hence the new face that today surprises Telehawk fans, who did not fail to salute the artist’s bravery. Moreover, Pagny intends to participate in the competition to the end by being live on the set until the end of May, despite the exhaustion.

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From the beginning, the singer chose transparency by refusing to hide his illness, which he learned about last January, when he was just recording on set the sound. A lung tumor is inoperable and must be treated with chemotherapy and then radiation for at least six months. “Now, I and my other half must put ourselves in the position of a warrior in order to face this ordeal,” he declared. half of it? His wife Azusina, who has shared his life for thirty years now, is the mother of his two children and the pillar of his balance, who gave up a modeling career to ensure family life. She was always there for him, especially when he was having trouble with the tax officer, and she’s more than ever by his side facing cancer, efficient and silent, as usual.

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So far, nothing has been cleared about Florent Pagny’s true health condition – according to information from publicHis tumor has already shrunk by half. But his scheduled presence lives on the set the sound In the next few days he proves to be shocked. “I only see the good side of things,” he said at TF1 last February. I have started chemotherapy and it is going well, I am doing well. At the beginning of April, his daughter Al posted on Instagram a photo of her parents enjoying an ice cream, noting in the caption “All is well,” accompanied by a heart. The “knowing how to love” interpreter will be in a hurry to finish the treatments to return to the stage and complete the 60th Anniversary Tour, which he had to abruptly interrupt when it was in full swing…

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