Five common mistakes to save them

Do you have short boyish hair? Discover the five most common mistakes and misconceptions about it, followed by some simple yet effective tips to keep them at bay.

Short hair is part of the dreams of many women, just like others who dream of having long hair. However, keeping it is not an easy task. So find out The five mistakes Things you should never do to keep your hair short.

Doesn’t keep color

Maintaining your hair color requires special attention on your part. Ladies, going to the hair salon every three months is still not enough to keep your hair color looking vibrant. You also need to take care of it at home, regardless of your color, especially for short hair.

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In fact, the more hair shorterThe better the regrowth effect between the two colors. It is very likely that this phenomenon will age and the features will tire quickly. If your hairdresser doesn’t, ask them to check the quality of your hair before you color it.

It is best to avoid coloring weak hair as this can aggravate its condition. In addition, if your hair is already brittle, then coloring will also complicate its maintenance. If you want to look flawless between the two colors, you can use temporary root repair products.

Not taking into account the nature of his hair

For those with fine hair, too decadent square cuts are not recommended. It is preferable to choose haircuts with full lines, airy pieces and large pieces on the top of the head. This will help you work on the volume from the roots.

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As for those who have thick hair, it is necessary to choose a short, well-tufted haircut, which reveals a contrast in volume. We recommend you Also gradient squareswhich will reduce volume at the roots while providing a gentle reduction in lengths.

If you have curly or curly hair, it is best to bob your dry hair to take advantage of the spring of your waves as well as to make your cut easier to style every day.

Don’t think about his face

With various adaptable haircuts for short hair, it is also necessary to adapt it well to the shape of your face in order to achieve a harmonious result.

A masculine cut can be very flattering for a rectangular or oval face. However, this cut is likely to stiffen a square or rectangular face.

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A short haircut or a ball, slightly longer in the front and on the sides, is more suitable for women with a round or angular face. It will be better integrated into the oval of your face while smoothing out your features.

For those who have a square or rectangular face, they prefer a gradient pattern on the edges of the face. This will soften the jaw line and cheekbones.

Not renewing your cut

Another plus with shorts is that they’re very easy to live with and quick to style in the morning. On the other hand, they can also encounter certain drawbacks because they require regular maintenance at the hairdresser.

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The most practical is to update it every two months, especially if you choose a very thin or short model.

Using a lot of wax or gel

.’s app Too much gel on the hair Very common among women when it was never a good idea. This technique may result in a dirty side of the hair.

Choose a hairspray or a very lightweight brunette without any physical effect on the lengths in case you want to give your hair a texture to give it a brushed/combed effect.

It is very important to forego waxes or gels that are too thick or apply them in very small amounts by starting by warming the materials between the hands.

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