Fine Hair: The Caring Ritual for Maximum Volume

Give your hair the volume it deserves with the combined power of plant proteins and unique microalgae extract. In just a few simple gestures, establish a new ritual of care for stronger, thicker, fuller hair.

Thanks to the unique combination of two active ingredients drawn from the heart of nature, the collection La Biosthetique volume It comes to the rescue of the most flattened hair. Tahitian Microalgae Extract deeply revitalizes and thickens hair, while an innovative complex of plant proteins bound to algae extracts provide repair, protection and resistance to the hair fibre. The four treatments in the Volume Set are designed to permanently strengthen thinning hair, leaving it fuller and thicker without weighing it down.

By adopting this new ritual, consisting of three simple steps, you can restore airy volume and healthy hair within a few months! Fine hair is no longer a death…

1 – Use hair care daily

Choose the right shampoo that is specifically designed to respect and strengthen your fine hair. Weaker than ordinary hair, the latter quickly lubricates and turns into a flag. soft and breathable, strengthening shampoo From La Biosthétique revitalizes the scalp and restructures the hair fibre. In addition, choose a treatment that brings a nice shine by avoiding products that are too rich to “fill in” the hair. air conditioner Weightless balm Leaves hair fuller and shinier while providing excellent detangling.

2- Moisturize and nourish without weighing it down

2 – Remember to moisturize your hair intensely. In fact, wet hair is poorly damaged and becomes more brittle. Give a moisturizing injection mane once or twice a week, and leave energizing repair mask Ten minutes on wet hair. The combined action of activating Tahitian micro-algae and natural moisturizing factors will strengthen fine hair from within. On the surface, scale is smoothed and sealed, reducing split ends and curling. As a result, the hair becomes elastic, voluminous, soft and airy to the touch.

3 – Do not neglect the brush step

A good daily brush brings softness and density to the hair. This step is done in the morning and evening with gentle movements and using a suitable brush made of natural bristles. A few sprays of Power Conditioner Spray will make detangling easier while bringing body volume and dream volume to your hairstyle.

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