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What are French days?

The French days This year will be held from From 4 to 9 May. The French equivalent of the creator Black FridayWe take advantage of exclusive promotions to shop at our favorite online stores. At Cdiscount we suggest you take a look at the very attractive promotions that are going on. And since good news never comes alone, know that you can also take advantage of very attractive promo codes.

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French Days Discount: Hair Styling Tools Shopping

Can’t bear to leave your home without the perfect hairstyle? We only understand you well! That’s why we’re sure you’ll be glad to know about it at DiscountFrench days, too, are in tune with tamed humans. A hair dryer is indispensable to our hair routine, it is essential for a good haircut. Which is why we fall for the crazy offer on the professional hair dryer Kibuzi. With a discount of close to 100 euros, do not hesitate for a second to shop that will quickly become our favorite hairdressing device. Drying in 5 minutes on long, thick hair and 59 seconds on short hair, this model also helps protect hair from frizz with an ion generator.

professional hair dryer


23.99 euros instead of 119.99 euros

Those who dream of beautiful curly hair will find what they are looking for at Cdiscount offers. Do you prefer tight curls? Pro Tight Curl from Remingtonto shop for less than 25 euros, it allows you to make very small ripples while curling the iron Demilis De Saint Algue is perfect for a wavy hairstyle. Extremely easy to use, it has 10 temperature settings to adapt to any hair type and promises shine, softness and protection thanks to its tourmaline ceramic coating.

Pro Tight Curl

Pro Tight Curl


24.99 euros instead of 45.31 euros

Iron Wave Demelles

Iron Wave Demelles

Holy seaweed

42.99 euros instead of 79.26 euros

But if you are looking for a good hair straightener, two very interesting options are available to you. in home L’Oreal ProfessionalHowever, the iconic Steampod is seeing a cool drop of over €100. Thanks to its patented technology, it straightens your hair with water vapor, which damages it less than a regular straightener. a little extra? It comes with a vapo-active smoothing cream and an ultimate serum for the best mane.

Steampod 3.0 Steam Iron

Steampod 3.0 Steam Iron

L’Oreal Professional

246.54 euros instead of 395.39 euros

in home GHD, it’s Platinum +, which can be found in chest form on Cdiscount, that catches our eye. With nearly 350 beauty awards worldwide, this popular hair brand has our full confidence. We love this hair straightener for its predictive technology that detects hair type but also its circular design that will allow you to create beautiful waves. To change your mind according to your desires!

GHD Platinum + Extraordinary Hair Straightener Box

GHD Platinum + Extraordinary Hair Straightener Box


249.99 euros instead of 289 euros

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