Emily cleans rivers with hair from her hair salon in Hanot: ‘It’s really a big help not much’

Emily recently opened her own hair salon when she was just 22 years old. She decided to tell us this via the orange button alerting us because her work is somewhat special: all the products out there are natural and environmentally responsible. She doesn’t do any waste there, particularly by recycling her clients’ cut hair to clean up Waloon’s waterways.

The hairdressing salon that Emily opened in Mokche (a division of the municipality of Hanot in the province of Liege) is out of the ordinary. Since her height of 22 years, young lady has created Natu’Racine, the region’s first environmentally responsible salon. Everything has been thought of to reduce its impact on the planet, and to take care of its customers, thanks to all-natural products. Among its features: recycling hair to clean the oceans.

After a year of styling hair at home, Emily decided to launch her own hair salon in early March 2022.”I started with the brand I had been using for a year. I’ve already been using these products in my internships for three years, and have absolutely fallen in love with the brand.‘This brand that she loves so much wants to be completely natural,’ she says, and that’s what gave Emily the idea to create Natu’Racine:I told myself I’d try to shoot the whole show on him, because I realized he’s not at homeIt was on this note that the young hairdresser set out on an entrepreneurial adventure.

In her living room, Emily insists on staying away from classic products: “We try to avoid anything that could harm the hair, and we’re really going to focus on as much naturalness as possible.“In a month, the young woman realized that the demand was there, even in her village.”sDuring confinement, people began to take care of everything necessary“She rejoices. Among her clients, she says she meets many profiles who come for different reasons:”Ladies who want to avoid any chemical in their hair, those who come with their children and want to keep them away from all chemical fumes, or people who want to go back to the local area“.

Hair has a really cool feature

Poetry to save rivers

There is no salon specificity only in the products used. Emily tries to get as close as possible to “zero waste” by using reusable products. Even her clients’ cut hair doesn’t go to the trash thanks to her collaboration with the nonprofit Hair Recycle. This association sends “hair bags” to the participating salons for the purpose of filling them.All hair, whether it’s white, greasy or dry, everyone can go through with itThen the association restores that hair.

Patrick Jansen, its director, explains that “Hair has a really great peculiarity, it is lipophilic, that is, it absorbs fats and oils, moreover, one kilo of hair can absorb 8 liters of oil.“.Recycling hair uses it to make sausage.”With geotextile casings, which allow fluids to pass through from one side, but not from the other“.Then these sausages are put into the waterways of Belgium, in order to wash them of the hydrocarbons that would have spilled there.”We are still contacted today by people whose vaults were flooded this summer, causing oil to rise.‘ says Patrick Jansen.

The idea was very popular with the young hairdresser who pays an annual subscription to be able to participate: “It really is a huge help with not much. Pay for it or my trash, it’s the same thing, I love doing it this wayMore than that, Emily thinks.That it should be mandatory in Belgium, because when you see a lot of hair that you get rid of in hair salons, it’s huge.“.

I have no doubts that customers want to move towards something better

great success

The hair recycling project is still in its infancy however, it seems to be off to a very good start. The association works with nearly 400 hairdressers in Belgium,”Each hairdresser supplies us with 2 kg of hair per month, one ton per month‘ says Patrick Jansen. ASBL hopes, in the future, to persuade more hairstylists to take the step.

For his part, Emily’s salon is doing very well, the clients are right there and support the young hairdressing project,”It is fun to think that it is possible even in small villages“She hopes that the future will be just as successful, and that her living room will soon be full,”But I have no doubts that customers will want to move towards something better“.

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