Elle Macpherson: The beauty of her hair is in one capsule

If Elle Macpherson, a.k.a. bohemian, has always had a sculptural body, her gorgeous hair has also contributed to her success. Here she tells us about the rather positive relationship she has always had with them. And he gives us his tips to maintain its luster and vitality after 55 years…

How important is your hair to your appearance?

Elle Macpherson: In my opinion, hair is fundamental to framing the face: it complements the bone structure, eyebrows, eyes, and skin tone. I always made sure to choose the color and cut that suited me according to my state of mind. That’s the fun part, because it’s a constant process of change. At the moment, I love my natural, sexy, rock ‘n’ roll look. I have a good hair base, but it’s true that my years of modeling have put them to the test. Not to mention getting pregnant twice: I lost a lot of my hair when breastfeeding boys, and at the time, I wish I had a supplement that really helped them.

Does your hair affect the way you feel ?

In fact, I find hair more important than makeup. Their color in particular is essential. For example, I often change the color with the seasons. I tend to have warmer hazel blonde hair in the winter. And in the summer, I play with lighter and cooler colors. But, in the end, our most flattering color is often the color we were born with I guess…

Elle Macpherson

Have you tried everything in terms of hair over the years?

In fact, I’ve gone from short (not long) to long, from blonde to brown, with and without bangs. I’m very fortunate that I still don’t have white hair, thanks in large part to my genetics and my diet. I recently managed to go back to my natural color, a little caramel. People tell me that it gives me fresher skin.

Do you always take care of your hair? ?

not much. I don’t care much about the hairdresser. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that when I eat healthy, sleep well, and relax (with very low levels of cortisol), it improves the quality and thickness of my hair. Moreover, I can see it with The Hair Elixir, the new nutritional supplement that we developed at Welleco: since I take two capsules a day, the quality of my hair has visibly improved. The specific nutrients will nourish the hair follicles and my hair will become thicker, fuller and shinier, with much more regrowth than before.

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