Eight tips for beautiful winter hair


Every year, the same story: with the return of cold and winter, hair loses its luster and becomes dull, even dry and brittle. To the point of falling like leaves. But to counteract “seasonal hair loss,” there are a few helpful tips and remedies, which were revealed on Monday at Done well Eleonor Vincent, director of development for the Elenature brand, which has launched a line of organic hair products.

1 – After every shampoo and conditioner!

“You really need to pamper your hair as much as possible by providing it with hydration and nourishing care, to give it strength and shine. I really recommend using a conditioner after every shampoo. It will really allow you to smooth the hair, protect the fibers and facilitate detangling to reduce breakage.”

2 – Beware of the water

“Water is really the hair’s number one enemy. To slow down and reduce drying time with a hair dryer, we start by applying a microfiber towel, which will allow the hair to absorb more quickly. The water in the hair. Next, we will apply a heat protectant treatment which will act as a shield against severe devices.” hotness.”

3 – Hair dryer Instructions for use (good)

“We don’t use our hair dryer at full power, we don’t use it too strong so we don’t weaken the fibers and we avoid drying too fast. We dry ourselves on medium or cool heat, especially not upside down. If you have really long hair, you can highlight this knot phenomenon. And make it easier for your hair to detangle. We will actually spread the heat from the scalp to the ends to soften the hair fibres.”

4 – Oil against cold

“Against the cold, I recommend applying a little serum, a little vegetable oil, to your lengths which will allow you to soften and protect the fibers. You shouldn’t put tons of it.”

5- Don’t neglect the scalp

“We will be able to have beautiful hair by stimulating the scalp, because the hair is connected to the scalp by blood vessels. It is through the blood vessels that all the nutrients are brought in. Once the scalp is stimulated, the nutrients are supplied and this will be facilitated. You can do a massage Self by placing your fingers on your scalp, perform a small circular massage.”

6 – Pitchfork will win the battle (but not the war)

“In the winter, our hair is more prone to friction from our scarves and collars, which can cause split ends to split. When split ends are fixed, there is no miracle solution. We can seal our split ends this way but I really advise you should go for a short trip to the hairdresser.”

7- Good combing for beautiful hair

“The brush is a little neglected, but it’s so important. Indeed, in the morning, we brush our hair to soften the hair fibers and add volume and shine. And in the evening, it’s very important to remove any excess pollution or dust we’re exposed to that may have accumulated during the day. We use a natural-bristle brush. We start with tips to make it easier to detangle and then gradually build up.”

8 – Electrostatic treatments

“In winter, the hair is drier because it is less hydrated. It loses the natural moisture that is in the hair. This will enhance static electricity. For example, we can do small hairstyles or a tie, but very light so that the fibers do not break. You can apply a moisturizing spray to soften hair and moisturize it.

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