Curly hair: 5 things to know before coloring it

Growing up, I knew quite a bit about curly hair, let alone how to color it safely. It was rare to catch a glimpse of natural curls because I grew up in the world of braids, straightening hair and the threat of a smoothing comb. Especially since schools imposed strict rules on us, completely limiting the natural expression of curly hair. During my emo phase, a friend of mine used to bleach my hair and then dye it in her bathroom. His basin saw all the colors of the rainbow. I also made sure to torture them every week with a curling iron. They end up having the same cheap synthetic witch wigs that you find in the supermarket. At this point, I had no choice but to sacrifice my burnt hair, which almost reached my chest. But today, I realize I could have avoided this drastic outage if I had been better informed.

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Cindy Bruna: “Today I’m finally enjoying my hair”

Who better than Cindy Bruna, the most famous of French tops, to talk about her experience with ethnic hair? Here she tells us about the emotional connection she has always had with curly hair. How much you love today and celebrate their true nature

I now know that curly hair tends to be more delicate, and therefore more fragile than any other hair type. Because moisture is hard to penetrate curls At full size, these need a lot of love to stay healthy. Unfortunately, maneuverability and traction also make them more vulnerable. And if you want smudge on top of that, you really have to be very careful in how you treat it.

At the head of the “diaper” movement for three decades is the Afro-hairstylist Charlotte Mensah She is a true symbol of the return to natural hair: she’s won three British Hairstyling Awards, and created her own line of hair products manquette, and write the book good hair that have been supported by characters like zadie smith And Funmi Phytocontributor to Vogue magazine British. Today, she gives us the rules to follow for peace of mind when coloring her curly hair.

Choose your color well

“Choose what makes you stand out. Everyone has a color that suits them better than another. Red, warm undertones, blonde or ash, you will always find one that matches your complexion. A safe bet is a color two or three shades lighter than your complexion. Even if everyone can find a blonde They suit them, not making the right choice risks making everything dull and dull. Know your “basic tones”. For example, a subtle color is red. So, brown or plum tones suit me well. As for the most unusual and elegant colors, Make sure you’re really prepared for it.”

Pamper the curls

“Before any coloring, the hair should be in the best possible condition. If it’s already too brittle or dry, let go of the task. The most urgent thing is to restore it to health first. So it’s always best to trust. You have dirty hair when applying dye because the natural oils of my scalp Your head will act as a shield against the chemicals in the formula.”

“Once you’ve dyed your hair, avoid heat as much as possible, especially blow-drying. And for those who tend to straighten their hair after coloring, everything might fall out. To put a lot of stress on your hair too, as this often happens when you want to get color by Whitening in one day.

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