Cryotherapy Hair: When Cold Heals Hair

It is usually called capillary cryotherapy, but in the Parisian salon Delphine Courtel, where the protocol was designed, it is called the Siberian treatment. What is it about? “Using cryotherapy and advanced active ingredients, combined with the hot and cold effect, we revive hair’s shine like never before,” promises the founder of the salon of the same name. In the origin of the concept? A simple note: “Like the skin, hair does not like very hot water. That’s why, in my salon, we rinse it regularly with cool water. The latter has its good points. Among them:

  1. It closes the scales of the fibers, smoothes the skin resulting in an intense shine.
  2. Cold water, unlike hot water, does not alter the active ingredients. Hence, its moisturizing properties are intact.
  3. It stimulates the micro-circulation of the scalp, resulting in enhanced growth and tightening of the scalp pores.

Who is hair cryotherapy for?

All women wishing to view a Shiny and well-coated hairRegardless of the hair type, you can try this cryotherapy hair treatment. It’s the perfect ally to redefine curls, wrap weak hair and awaken its shine for two months. “Ideal after vacation to reduce the effects of dehydration due to sun exposure and swimming.

This protocol complements another successful salon treatment: Launched in 2020, Memory Brushing infuses lengths in keratin and hyaluronic acid, ensuring a perfect 6-week shine and fall. “Some clients, really addicted to hair glow in the first weeks after the treatment, did not hesitate to resume appointments too quickly to find the effect of mirror length,” notes Frédéric Gehard, who co-created the treatment. “This complementary care comes as a sequel to deliver a naturally lustrous effect.”

How is the cryotherapy hair protocol performed?

Care begins with Three types of Alkaline shampoo in series, to deeply cleanse the fibers and scalp, but also to open up the scales to allow a deep and optimal penetration of the active ingredients,” notes the hairstylist. After drying, the treatment is applied with a brush, in the direction of growth to seal the scales and grab the assets. All that remains is to leave it under the film and under a helmet for 40 minutes. At the heart of the formula: anti-inflammatory white clay, anti-aging caviar and protective keratin.

Make room for capillary cryotherapy itself. The whole hair is rinsed for three minutesfrozen waterSo, the ice smoothing boards take over. Used to smooth each strand, it finishes penetrating active ingredients into the hair core, revealing and enhancing shine and calming the slightest frizz. “

What benefits can we expect from cold hair treatment? To the touch, it seems that the hair is still already damp More plump, more hydrated, more sheathed. A feeling that is confirmed once the drying is completed.

Siberian treatment, €140 (one hour and a half) at Salon Delphine Courtel – 28 avenue Mont-Tabor, Paris 1Verse –

Also available in other lounges:

Deep cryotherapy, from €130 to €180 (from 1h20 to 1h40 depending on hair length and thickness) at Salon R’Factory – 3 rue des Favorites, Paris 15 –

Hair Cryotherapy, €100 (45 minutes) at Maison Jordy Brechkoff Coiffeur de Paris – 27 rue du Quatre Septembre, Paris 2 –

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