Comparing Nabila to Kris Jenner, she deleted her Instagram post

by Solene V

– Posted on May 5, 2022 at 16:12

Nabila posted a very interesting photo on Instagram on Wednesday, May 4th. After his new haircut, netizens immediately compared him to Kris Jenner. But Milan’s mother deleted her post a few hours later.

pregnant with her second child, noble Never stop posting they look more glamorous than each other. Underwear, swimsuits or summer dresses, netizens were able to see it from every angle inside it Instagram feed. But lately, the look is completely new and has been met with strong reactions. Shot taken during photo share And he posted it on Instagram which rocked the web. She takes a pause with daughter Milan. Big difference with the usual? hair. young woman wearing very short haircut, limited to childish. A surprise for fans who know they are used to seeing it Dear Thomas Vergara With long hair since his debut.

noble He also wrote in the caption: “Who do I look like?”. Internet users quickly reacted to this shot and to the question posed by the young woman. Two options were revealed in his survey: Grandma or Kris Jenner. It seems that Noble herself was thinking of the clan leader Kardashian. In fact, she shared on her Instagram Story a composite photo of her head on the series poster Kardashians. Work proves again His sense of humor and self-loathing. And after comparing it to Kris Jenner On several occasions, his community seems to have appreciated it new look Since the advent of a barrage of compliments. to the point of persuasion Milan’s mother To sustain this sudden capillary change? Maybe not…

Nabila deleted her Instagram posts

yes noble Looks like he’s laughing comparing him to Kris JennerMaybe she didn’t like it very much in the end. As proof, a few hours after it was put online, baby Thomas Vergara Delete his Instagram post. Not commented on this choice. We can assume that she does not intend to forward this photo. Or maybe she was offended by some comments or criticism? Anyway, it seems that this new haircut It was only a wig or look approved at the time the photo was taken. Indeed, on Thursday, May 5, she posted a picture of her on Instagram her round belly In a blue dress, with her long hair we know so well.

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