Coloring, cutting, banging to change your look

Short hair doesn’t have to be frequent! It is possible to change your head by using a few tricks to create a short haircut.

The beginning of the year is a bit like going back to school in September. On top of that, some of you are back in school, and it’s time to start from scratch.

It can start with trivial things like a face change, which often means a haircut… but What do you do if your hair is really short? Well, you are using your imagination (as you are reading this article)!

Get out of the wise field

Anyone who wants to cut their hair knows this: starting with the square allows you to Learn about short hair. You test the trick and then see if you like it or not.

But sometimes square… it’s boring. Unless you make it a little more rock by shaving on the side (Side shave) and/or around the neck (undermining)!

You can also try bangs (Mymy’s new passion).

The asymmetric square is also very stylish.

Coloring short hair to bring them imagination

With a short hairstyle, the problem is that you can’t do 30,000 different hairstyles every week, so sometimes it’s all too repetitive. On the other hand, you can definitely Enjoy the colors!

You can choose light pink…

Bold and Bold: You can even try red or bluish reflections!

Gently cut your hair

Your hair has been square-cut, but it’s definitely too classic for you, or is it just short and growing back? It’s horrible this kind of stage where there is nothing of the right length…

much Cut them boyishly !

shave your hair

My shaved-haired friend, I’m talking to you today. I heard you! All those who said you’d get tired, it’s just a stage, and it’s stupid to cut everything off… they don’t know anything real barbers .

The barbers They spread more and more in the big cities by drawing inspiration from American culture. In addition to the functions inherited from yesterday’s barber, the Barber executed Haircuts For both men and women.

If you do not have Barber Near you, a good hairdresser who knows how to create short haircuts is also a safe bet.

one or a Barber You can literally paint in hair!

You can show one of these pictures to your stylist or inspire yourself to find your own style. Are you not convinced? Sorry… I’ll try! And you can always try this hairstyle for short hair!

How did you change your mind? Tell me everything in the comments.

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