Benefits of rosemary oil to promote hair growth

A very successful product currently on social networks, The benefits of rosemary oil are not new. In particular, it was awarded Purifying and strengthening properties for hair growth. All you need to know.

Hair loss and dry scalpYou will be surprised how far the miracles of rosemary oil extend. No wonder, then, to see that it is experiencing a revival in popularity with all beauties right now. An accessible and easy-to-use product, rosemary oil is particularly credited with stimulating hair growth and cleansing the scalp. If you are worried about losses after pregnancy, hormonal imbalance or just seasonal changes and even dandruff, then rosemary oil may be the right solution for you.

Hair is sensitive to internal and external disturbances

Hair is especially sensitive to internal changes as well as to external temperatures: too much sun and suffers from ultraviolet rays, extreme cold and a feeling of dryness. That is why it is not abnormal to suffer from temporary hair loss or not, but this does not mean that one has to undergo it.

Using rosemary oil can promote hair growth but it also cleanses and improves blood circulation to the scalp. Thanks to its strengthening and purifying actions, it prevents dandruff but also causes scalp irritation and itching. In addition, regular application can smooth and restore shine to your hair.

Rosemary oil: how to use it on hair?

Incorporating rosemary oil into your hair routine is very simple. Depending on your needs, you can mix it directly into your shampoo or turn it into tonic water for daily use.

For example, you can use it as a deep night care by adding a few drops of rosemary oil to your hair oil (or simply a neutral oil like coconut, olive, argan, etc.), applying this mixture directly to the hair roots, and gently massaging the scalp to stimulate the cycle. blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. Leave it overnight and then wash it with shampoo the next day.

For a daily spray, chop a few sprigs of rosemary and place them in a cup of boiling water. Let it soak for 6 hours and then pour everything into a bottle with the vaporizer. This mixture can be used daily on your hair to stimulate its growth. It also helps soothe the scalp if irritation occurs.

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