Autumn Hairstyle Trend for Women 2021: 6 Styles to Know

Fall 2021 is shaping up to be a bountiful time, at least when it comes to hairstyle versatility. Well-worn or “curtain” bangs, sleek bouncy cuts, xs lengths or even flattering curls will set the tone for the fall months. Celebrities did not miss the opportunity to adopt the most beautiful hairstyles of the moment. If you are ready to take the initiative and change your look, then you should definitely discover the perfect hairstyle trend for women 2021. Fortunately, this article collects the best ideas to look your best this season.

Cut the mullet from every angle

Mullets have been cutting everywhere lately. Of course, the modern version of the signature of the 80s was able to adapt in such a way that it corresponds as closely as possible to the different tastes of our time. We find it today more feminine than ever, in different versions depending on the type of hair. And if you’re wondering if you can adopt a mullet cut on curly hair, the answer is definitely yes. In fact, naturally curly hair is perfect for this bold hairstyle. This is because the natural volume and bounce of the braids mitigates the transition of length from front to back.

Fall hairstyle trend woman 2021 mullet curly hair cut

sharp edge

Short square cuts with sharp bangs hairstyle trends fall 2021

Blunt bangs are one of the must-have hair trends for 2021. They are slightly thicker than Parisian bangs or bangs, and feature a clean, flowing cut. So there are no smooth or feathery ends. Hair falls directly on the forehead. When it comes to the ideal hair type to adopt such bangs, keep in mind that the respective hair style works best on a naturally straight or thick man. You are in luck if you have an oval-shaped face because blunt bangs will look great on you!

The square extends to the chin

Chin-length wavy short with blond balayage by Sarah Hyland

It is definitely the 2021 women’s hairstyle trend that we will see everywhere this season. A short chin-length bob is great on fine hair as it gives the illusion of full hair. This cut is also very versatile as it allows you to play by curling the ends in or out or betting on a classic and smooth version. Whether you’re a fan of the straight, structured look or you prefer to wear your hair shaggy, textured and playful, a short chin-length bob is definitely the perfect cut for you.

Short square on the chin with fringe curtain cut fall trend

This trendy short haircut beautifully cleans the neck while accentuating the collarbone. Depending on your preference, you can choose to wear it with a trendy curtain fringe, side fringe or no fringe.

New Pixie Cut – More length and hammock shape

Autumn trend woman hairstyle 2021 long pixie cut with bangs

The popular Pixie cut is giving way to a new, longer version, but still very elegant – the long Pixie. It is an excellent choice for ladies wishing to transition to court gradually. The long Pixie is slightly shorter than the French bob and can flaunt an elegant and feminine look. This cut is usually longer in the front to create layers that frame the face and provide more styling flexibility than the classic short version.

Hairstyle Trend Fall Woman 2021 Long Wavy Haircut

If you look closely, you’ll see that the Long Pixie looks a lot like a short bob that takes on the shape of an elegant trapezoid. Thanks to the length saved, you have the option to change your hairstyle frequently by straightening your hair or creating elegant waves.

asymmetric bob

Autumn Trend Woman Hairstyle 2021 Asymmetric Square Mid-Long Rose Gold Coloring

The asymmetric square is a trendy hairstyle suggestion for women for 2021 which should be tested if you have fine or frizzy hair. As you already know, this is a cut where one side is intentionally cut shorter than the other. Bold and elegant, this look works beautifully with a variety of hair types and textures (including fine hair).

Square Cut Asymmetrical Blunt Bob The Copper Color Trend In Fall 2021

This haircut is still ideal for curly hair as it gives it gentle movement and extra volume. Admittedly, asymmetrical bobs aren’t for everyone. This cut is bold and fun and will surely help liven up your everyday look. Also, feel free to adopt a trendy color for fall 2021 from our collection of great ideas.

The Planet Square

Blunt short bob without bangs trendy Blunt bob

Blunt haircuts have managed to establish themselves as the absolute trend of the season. In general, the popular blunt bob is layerless and elegantly worn on smooth and fine natural hair. For thick hair, we prefer a more textured version. Whatever the case, you can be sure to get a totally trendy hairstyle.

blunt bob wavy

blunt bob blunt square short wavy hair

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