At Pontife, nursing students donate their hair to cancer patients

And if your visit to the hairdresser allows cancer patients to benefit from a natural hair wig. It is a good idea for Institute of Health Professionals Training (IFPS) in Pontivy in Morbihan Those who set up this day to raise awareness of hair donation.

This operation was organized in cooperation with the Brittany Center Hospitals Group and the Association for Cancer Control All hair partners He invited the students to cut their hair. On that day, in a room at the Pontivy Nursing School, about sixty students registered without hesitation. Like Jade, a third-year student who wanted to support cancer patients. “Anyone can be in this need, so it was helpful for me to participate”, Emphasizes.

Whether it was curly, straight, brown or blond, in total, twelve meters of hair were collected for today. They will then be sent to the only prosthetic technician in France that makes natural hair wigs.

And behind the scissors, nine professional hairdressers cut the hair of young girls for free. Among them is Lucille Offit, who finishes cutting one of the participants “Cancer today is a part of many people’s lives and you have to know how to treat it and bring them beautiful natural hair on a wig and not just synthetic hair,” She reported that the hairdresser was very involved in the process. In her living room in Saint-Caradec, she voluntarily accompanies cancer patients.

Even before starting the treatment, Lucille advises women to choose a wig. This is the case of Isabelle who will soon start her chemotherapy and she already knows that in a few weeks, her hair will start to fall out. “We need to maintain femininity during all these treatments that will affect us physically. Ethically, it is important to me and those around me”as you say.

Human hair wigs or turbans, volunteer hairdressers supporting cancer patients (France 3 Brittany)

The cost of a medical wig ranges from 350 euros to 1500 euros in specialized shops approved by Social Security. A significant difference in price is explained by the device used on the hair piece.

When prescribed by a doctor, synthetic fiber wigs are fully reimbursed by Social Security up to 350 euros. For wigs made with at least 30% natural hair, or synthetic hair, the maximum selling price for compensation is 700 euros, of which 250 euros is reimbursed by health insurance. Mutual covers the rest.

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