A handsome young man who will soon turn 18

Yannick Noah, 61, is the happy father of five children, Joachim and Yelena, born out of his love affair with Cecilia Rudy. Elijah and Jenny have her mother Heather Stewart-White and finally Gualukas her mother Isabel Camus.

The former tennis player spends sweet moments with his family in Jamaica. Indeed, his sons and grandsons joined him to dwell under the sign of complicity and love. employment InstagramYannick Noah shares a photo of his nearly completed clan with the caption: “ Family love in Jamaica You can see Yelena, Elijah, Joachim, and Yulucas there. Leah, daughter of Joachim, as well as Nohi, son of Jelena, are present. In Goalukas’ arms, Loren Vigiani, a 21-year-old Italian and his girlfriend.

Joalukas, who will turn 18 next June, shares a series of photos related to this residency. He appears especially on the beach, his face shining with a golden light. Her wet curly hair is still drenched in salt. Another picture shows him kissing his girlfriend. Finally, he also posted a snapshot with his dad Yannick Noah. The duo is all smiles.

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A boy on his feet on the ground

Goalukas’ parents, Isabel Camus and Yannick Noah, meet backstage at Johnny Hallyday’s party. He was born less than a year after their love at first sight, in June 2004. In December 2021, in the columns of the celebration, Isabel Camus confirmed that she was proud that Gualukas was ” Not a rich kid in vain. He has hardly any pocket money, and no fancy clothes To clarify: I am a gentle mother but strict in studies, values, ethics, organic food or respect for the environment Stella Belmondo is a very good friend of Gualucas.

The producer, who gave birth to their son at the age of 39, explains that she postponed her career to raise him: “ It has become my priority. I’ve never had a nanny, so focused on my role as a mother. Joalukas will turn 18 on June 10 and I’m so proud of him, he’s got his feet on the ground. »

Yannick Noah and Isabel Camus split after 18 years together. She always comes back to this chapter in columns expensive : ” For me and myself, confinement was a psychological ordeal She explained. ” A couple, in order to succeed, must be told. “Mother Goalukas” Separation was the best solution And as the second incarceration looms, they part: Yannick was the man of my life “, as you say.

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