A day to live better with cancer in Clermont-Ferrand in cooperation with the Association All Unique

Cancer is a real ordeal, a disorder. That’s why, for the past four years, the Unique Tous Society has been supporting people with the disease by organizing meetings and workshops that put them in touch with health professionals and support care. In Auvergne there is a whole network of associations and professionals that support cancer patients.

Pour sa quatrième edition, qui se tiendra samedi 14 mai, de 14 heures à 19 heures, à l’hôtel Clermont Estaing, Toutes uniques innove pour traiter de sujets sérieux avec une touche de légèreté de légèreté et une bonne doseer favor de savoir- exchanges.

“Learning to love your body again is a real challenge. For a woman as for a man. When a woman does not feel like a woman, and when a man feels vulnerable, the repercussions can be significant in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal well-being.”

Florence Blanc Broad (President of the Association and Director of the Unique and Feminine Boutique in Cornon)

Because supportive care isn’t just for breast cancer, the association decided to open the event to all types of cancer, both for women and men. Traditionally, the day you organize is held in October (pink October, Breast Cancer Month).

“We’re moving from October to May in 2022, approaching February 4 in 2023, World Cancer Day.”

An event in the form of a café, theater and workshops

In addition, the event will take place in the form of a café-theater where everyone can either be a spectator or take part in discussions.

Various workshops will be offered:

  • Cognitive therapy workshop, because memory problems after treatment should not be taken lightly;
  • Workshop on Dietetics, because the nutritional strategy needed to treat cancer should not preclude pleasure;
  • Socio-aesthetic workshop to help with the side effects of chemotherapy (hair loss, eyebrow makeup, etc.).

A member of the Breast Physio Network will learn how to perform self-lymphatic massage to help treat lymphedema. Art therapists will prove that you don’t have to be an artist to benefit from the benefits of art therapy.

“Tous Uniques” highlights support for care for women diagnosed with breast cancer at Puy de Dome

He will also discuss fertility preservation before treatment and techniques related to childbearing afterward, with a medical biologist and coordinating nurse from Prefera (PREservation de la FERtilité Auvergne).

Finally, a surgical oncologist who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery will answer questions about breast reconstruction.

A lecture will also be given by an oncologist.

Practice. From 2 pm to 7 pm, on Saturday 14 May, in Clermont-Ferrand, at the Clermont-Esting Hotel (61, rue du Resort). All about www.toutesuniques.com

Michel Gardet

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