6 Variations of the Trendy Winter 2021 Hairstyle That Calls To Bold

What fashionable hairstyle in the winter of 2021 to choose when you have a bold and courageous spirit? We answer you right away: the shaved haircut that will not go unnoticed. Contrary to popular belief, the shaved hairstyle is not just for men. On the contrary, she has not stopped seducing women for years. After we show you the mixed haircut, another extravagant hairstyle for winter 2021, we move on to the shaved haircut, the various fashionable variations of which deserve special attention this year. So which of the following six shapes is right for you?

Women’s haircuts 2021: 6 variations on the rise this year

Did you know that the best haircuts actually involve less hair? The shaved haircut for women has gained a lot of popularity over the past decade and it is no surprise at all. In addition to being extremely trendy, the shaved hairstyle requires very little maintenance while allowing for different methods of styling (depending on the type approved of course). So what’s the right variation to wear to be on top of the 2021/2022 trends? Follow you!

Haircut with temporary hair tattoo

Women's haircut Shaving behind the back of the neck Temporary hair tattoo Geometric patterns Fashionable hairstyles Winter 2021

Shaving the hair from the nape of the neck and leaving it a little longer at the top really offers the easiest way to adopt the trendy 2021 hairstyle. Pretty simple, right? How about spice with ephemeral hair tattoos? And although shaving the head with patterns is a style usually reserved for men, it is seen more often on the heads of girls. So what do winter trends dictate? Geometric patterns of course! However, hairdressers can recreate almost any style and you are definitely spoiled for choice.

Haircuts behind an ephemeral hair tattoo concealed a long hairstyle, Winter 2021

However, women who fear this drastic change can simply shave their neck like a temporary hair tattoo while letting their lengths cover everything. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and choose a rather bold style.

Temporary hair tattoos can also be incorporated into the side shaved haircut

Shaved Woman Side Cut Temporary Hair Tattoo Trendy Hairstyle Winter 2021

More classic temporary hair and ponytail tattoos

Women's Shaved Hairstyle on Sides Classic Ponytail Ephemera Hair Tattoo Short Hair Fashion Winter 2021

Female haircut pixie-style haircut

A woman shaves her hair at the back of the neck, pixie hairstyle, winter 2021

The pixie cut is undoubtedly a trendy and timeless hairstyle that appeals to young girls and women over the age of forty. And if you have a daring soul, we suggest reviving your 2021 short haircut by shaving your hair at the nape of the neck and a little at the sides.

rainbow cut buzz

Coloring haircut woman coloring trend 2021 rainbow hair

Simple and innovative, Buzz Cut has been a hit with girls all over the world! And if you like to experiment with colors, we invite you to choose the Rainbow Buzz Cut that will definitely highlight your haircut.

Even though the Buzz Cut is inches short from a completely bald head, it still leaves enough hair to try on all the colors of the rainbow. Rainbow hair that is sure to turn heads!

Shave the sides hair

haircut afro haircut woman shaven ephemeral haircut tattoo longer hair on top

The shaved side haircut is not at all a new hairstyle, but it is still in the hair trends. It is best to shave only one side for a more subtle look that you can style more easily.

Whether your hair is short or long, straight or textured, this side shaved haircut will instantly add a bold look to your style.

Shave the hair on the sides and braid at the top for a trendy short hairstyle

Haircut shaved from both sides Braided hair on the head of a modern hairstyle winter 2021

cut undermining

Woman haircuts haircut 2021 undercut winter hairstyle trend 2021 short haircut

A very short cut, even with a shaved underside and long on the top of the head, the lower cut also never goes out of style. On the contrary, it is meant to be a very feminine and elegant choice of hair provided it is well chosen and well executed.

And since the 2021 hairstyle trends call for haircuts, we recommend that you go for this one in particular. In addition, you can also adopt an ephemeral hair tattoo that we told you at the beginning of our article.

What is curly hair?

Curly Woman Haircuts 2021 Winter Hairstyle Trend

You have curly hair but you want to change your look and adopt a bold hairstyle? No problem ! Highlighting the shaved women’s haircut that suits curly and straight hair. So, how is it certified? Remember to shave your head from the back of the neck and gently on both sides as shown in the image above. Leave your hair longer and don’t forget to use it with styling products to better master the modern look.

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