6 looks to copy to impress for a holiday night

Smooth or curly to shine on the evening of December 31st? No need to choose because afro hair is trendier than ever, especially with the #NappyHair movement. So, to be the queen of New Year’s Eve, two options are necessary: ​​wear your naturally curly hair or choose a New Year’s hairstyle with afro hair. Which one would you choose to shine until the end of the night? Buns, braids and hair accessories, here are 6 great ideas!

6 New Year’s hairstyle ideas with curly and African hair that amaze us

Fragile, frizzy and frizzy hair is often difficult to style. However, they benefit from volume that is unenviable for other hair types. And, contrary to what one might think, they offer many diverse evening hairstyles. It is often worn in a bun or braided, which is a matter of comfort. Another option: wear her naturally curly hair and designer afro, a look that’s dominating catwalks from catwalks to red carpets. A quick overview of the most beautiful New Year’s hairstyles for afro hair spotted on Instagram and Pinterest. Note: To achieve these looks, keep in mind that the hair needs to be well hydrated.

Side hair with extensions, the most sophisticated New Year’s hairstyle with afro hair

Easy Side Hair Afro New Year Hairstyle 2021

If we have to define the most sophisticated New Year’s hairstyle ever, it’s the side hair! Perfect for a New Year’s Eve, this hairstyle is relatively easy to achieve and pairs nicely with afro hair. For success, draw a parting on the side. Next, work the flat side of the hair with styling gel and secure it with a few clips or clips. Curl the rest of the hair. oh sorry! You don’t have to have naturally curly hair. However, you can enhance the painted area with a good shiny gem.

Favorite (half) bun for afro hair

Afro Medium Long Hair Bun Hairstyle New Year 2021

The bun on afro hair is relatively easy to make and does well! You can choose half a cake girly Or a high-working bun. To give a more sophisticated side to the latter, feel free to tie it up with braids. Hair accessories are also present! So you can decorate your cake with rhinestones, pearls or barrettes. A good option for lovers of a romantic look: a braided banana bun or XL bangles.

The braid in every state

New year afro braid hairstyle 2021

All curly-haired women will tell you: a curl in all its forms is the perfect ally for curly and frizzy hair. Braids are very popular, and they allow you to leave your complexion natural. african, painted (or even glued), cue boxs, wheat tooth, braided crown… There are many different variants of adopting a braid for New Year’s Eve. Safe bet for the evening of December 31st? The box braids ! Intricate and practical, it can be worn with everything: buns, a tail, bejeweled or even on a square box. In short, everything is possible with them!

Low tail, New Year’s hairstyle with easy afro hair

Afro-tail hairstyle for long curly hair 2021

Contrary to popular belief, ponytails are not just for sleek hair. High or low, plated or bohemian, it’s perfect for giving a little boost to your party outfit. Purifies the face as it naturally boosts your hair’s density. To prepare it yourself, apply a strong hold gel to the roots, then use a comb to straighten your hair well and avoid frizz. Add accessories like headband Or barrettes to camouflage the flies and give originality to your New Year’s hairstyle with afro hair.

Bantu knot

Bantu knot hairstyle afro short hair woman new year 2021

To achieve success in your hairstyle for the New Year 2021, we are once again inspired by our favorite stars. Recently adopted by Rihanna and then popular models, Bantu knot It is already everywhere. the reason ? Well, these intricate little updos are more original than a simple bun. The New Year’s Eve hairstyle par excellence, little cousins space cakes Brilliantly enhances frizzy, frizzy hair. For added style, add it to barrettes, giant barrettes, or hair rings, or pair it with a few delicate Sharon Tate-style braids.

nappy hair

New Years Bandana 2021 Natural Afro Diaper Hairstyle

Another trend, increasingly popular with girls with curly and curly hair: the so-called nappy hair. contraction” natural >> adjective “Based on” happy “, a movement nappy hair It consists of showing off your curly (or curly) hair with pride, without spending your time straightening it or hiding it! Fashionable and specially adapted hairstyles for afro hair, such as Voula Amodibi, Solange Knowles, Inna Mudja and Uzo Aduba are ardent followers and advocates!

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