5 quick ways to style your hair in the morning

Since we don’t always have time to recreate a red carpet-worthy look during rush mornings, it’s essential to have the right tools on hand in order to have an effective hair routine.

To achieve this, we chose the Knot Dr. Hot Air Detangling Brush.

Easy to transport, this multifunctional brush without nozzle can be used to dry hair freely. Practice!

Here are 5 hurried morning hairstyle ideas

1. straight hair

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Nothing could be simpler and more effective than sleek, shiny hair. To do this, be sure to detangle your hair and dry it well with a Knot Dr. , which will smoothen your hair at the same time. We finish with a moisturizing oil for a bit of shine and voila!

2. hair scarf

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The trend returns every summer! A scarf is the perfect accessory that complements a simpler look, as well as concealing hair growth or adorning a simple ponytail. Choose a scarf large enough that you can tie it around your head or let it float when you pin it to your hairstyle.

3. beach waves

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Take inspiration from Hailey Bieber to create subtle, natural waves that give impact Vavavoom Without much effort! Beach waves are easy to achieve with a hot air detangling brush that wraps perfectly around the hair, giving it movement and bounce. We recommend using larger locks for the desired casual look.

4. low bun

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A hairstyle that has been popular for a while now, the low bun is perfect for the days when volume isn’t around. Use the brush to smooth the hair into a ponytail, then wrap the hair around the base before pinning the bun back with another elastic. Consider pulling the hair slightly above the head or pulling some strands in the front for a looser effect. A stylish and different way to tie your hair!

5. volume on top

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A quick and easy way to add volume to your hair is to blow dry it and try to lift it as much as possible from the roots with a Knot Dr. The idea is to lift the hair up by pulling the brush to smooth it out for a flawless look. Fire hair guaranteed!

put your hands on Doctor’s Knot Hot Air Detangling Brush And prepare to turn heads your way, even on the busiest mornings!

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