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Are you a future bride with short hair? If so, you are probably feeling a little left out when it comes to the hairstyles you choose. When it comes to long hair, Pinterest is full of ideas for bohemian rebellious waves, intricate updos, and romantic braids, all magnified by hair accessories that highlight the beauty of the hair. Unfortunately, when it comes to a wedding hairstyle for short hair, the inspiration is far from glossy. But just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to grow your hair or get long hair extensions! You may feel that short hair will limit your wedding hairstyle options, but this is by no means true. And our photo gallery is the clear proof!

Wedding hairstyle for short hair: there are more options than you think

Certainly, long hair provides a great option for wedding hairstyles to achieve. But a short, timeless pixie cut or bob looks absolutely stunning with all kinds of bridal hair accessories and jewelry, from rhinestone bobby pins and beaded combs to gem-encrusted antique pieces. With the right accessories, even the shortest cut can give you a great variety of styles! And that’s not all! Romantic low knots and flashy old Hollywood style braids are also great for wedding hairstyle for short hair! Cake icing: our suggestions for short wedding hairstyles are also perfect for bridesmaids and guests!

Wedding hairstyle for short curly hair

peony hairstyle short curly hair accessory

The great thing about short curly hair is its versatile nature which makes it a great choice for romantic, bohemian and rocky brides. As it is semi-tied or accessorised, curls are precious allies for your big day.

Flower crown on short curly hair

Wedding hairstyle short curly hair romantic flower crown

You are the queen of your wedding, you deserve a hairstyle that befits your beautiful event. Highlight your curls with a straightener or curling iron. The flower crown will add an extra romantic touch while accentuating your beautiful features.

What wedding hairstyle for curly hair?

Wedding hairstyle short curly afro hair short curly bob

What about brides with short afro hair? You see, nothing beats a very short curly bob to awaken the queen in you! A little styling product will do the trick to show off your gorgeous curls and you’re done. You can even do without a hair accessory.

Afro wedding hairstyle short hair with headband

Emphasize the natural beauty of your curly short hair with the help of a neat little accessory. Play the minimalism card by deleting any other jewels. Your choice will testify to the style and refinement!

bohemian wedding hairstyle for short hair

bohemian wedding hairstyles short loose hair

If you are planning a bohemian style wedding, you are probably looking for hairstyle ideas in the same romantic style. In general, the tall man is adorned with exquisite braids or elegant buns. As for short hair, the option is no less interesting.

Semi-Attached Short Hair Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle Idea

Feel free to choose a beautiful braid if you have very short hair or even create elegant waves if your lengths allow. Whatever it is, your hairstyle will beautifully complement the style of a bohemian wedding dress.

Short bob: timeless elegance

Classic short square wedding hairstyle

The short bob is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn in everyday life as well as on special occasions. So it is an excellent choice for your wedding. With or without hair accessories, this elegant and timeless piece is perfect for a vintage wedding dress, enhanced by a pearl necklace.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair: a pixie story

Short pixie haircut with gradient

If you are wondering how to sport a short Pixie haircut on your wedding day, the following ideas will give you the right answers. But, before you head to the accessories, know that your xs hair doesn’t need anything else to look stylish. Leave it as is and you will be sublime. A pair of earrings is enough to add a touch of sparkle to your look.

Enhance your pixie cut with a wedding veil

Pixie Cut With Mesh Bridal Veil

A wedding veil is the perfect accessory to accentuate your short haircut and face. Sleek and modern, the accessory can be secured with an embroidered clasp or a simple crown. Less is more: a principle that successfully applies to the choice of jewelry and hair length.

4 ideas for decorating a pixie cut with flowers for a wedding

Short pixie haircut with flower crown

The Pixie cut exists in several versions that differ in the length and style of the bangs, the length of the hair at the base of the nape of the neck, the top of the skull, and the layers (if any). Whatever yours, you can decorate it in many ways, some more creative than others. When it comes to a wedding hairstyle for short hair, we ideally include floral embellishments. Whether it is a crown of flowers, a small bouquet just above the ear, or a crown decorated with sprigs of greenery, the result will be truly amazing. This type of accessory is perfect for outdoor weddings.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair with a crown

Short pixie haircut with a headband

A tiara is one of the favorite accessories of future brides, but also of bridesmaids and guests. No wonder, because this versatile piece adapts to any type of hairstyle and hair length. So, if you are looking for wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair with a crown, then the above suggestions will definitely appeal to you. These elegant and refined tiaras are the perfect finishing touch to enhance your Pixie story.

Pull the short hair back

Pull the short hair wedding hairstyle back

Pixie or not, the cropped cut still allows for an elegant version for your wedding. By bringing your hair back and accentuating the volume on the top of the head, you can have an elegant and perfect hairstyle for the event. The neck is released and facial features are highlighted.

short wedding hairstyle with braid

Short wedding hairstyle with side braid

This above version of the wedding hairstyle for short hair is enhanced with a side slicked back braid that ends in a small bun. The hair on top of the head is pulled back. The method of presentation reminds us of a very elegant mohawk hairstyle that would be perfect for future daring brides.

Very short hair with a front braid

Pixie Cut Short wedding hairstyles with a frontal rhinestone and pearl braid

The following hairstyle idea for a bride with short hair is very feminine and original. In order to revisit the Pixie story, we chose a small front braid that ends with a clasp embellished with flowers, pearls, and crystals. Ash coloring only emphasizes the elegance of the hairstyle.

Romantic and bohemian braided hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle for short hair with a gypsophila back strand braid

This set of braids at the back of the head are simply gorgeous! The hairstyle is bohemian and romantic at the same time, the effect that many future brides want. On the accessory side, a few sprigs of gypsophila are quite enough to complete the look elegantly.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair with a bun

Bridal hairstyle for short hair elegant low bun with side twist braid

You will be surprised how much you can turn a short bob into an amazing wedding hairstyle. Above, you are presented with the cool realization of a chic low bun and side twisted braid. The result is elegant and modern. The beautiful hair clip adds a charming touch to the hairstyle. This idea is perfect not only for the bride but also for the guest, bridesmaid or even a wedding witness.

Buzz cut: a good choice for a future bride?

Very short hair styles for the bride

For daring brides, a buzz cut is by no means a forbidden choice. In fact, this xs cut has the advantage of accentuating the entire face as well as the neckline. So be bold and choose this bold version. To accessorize, bet on a very good tiara or even a pleated earring.

What are the accessories to sublimate the wedding hairstyle for short hair?

Wedding Hairstyle Short Hair Loose Curly Crystal Barrette Accessory

As for accessories, you have a great choice. Crowns are a favorite of brides and they come in a range of designs, materials, and styles. There is something for every type of hair and every taste. Thin and simple crowns are ideal for short hair. Of course, some crystals or pearls are welcome to add the necessary sparkle. Depending on the chosen model, you can bet on discreet earrings or, on the other hand, do without them.

wedding hair accessories gold and silver barrettes

Rhinestone barrettes are also very popular as they have the ability to add a touch of glam to any wedding hairstyle. They decorate classic buns, elegant braids, or even loose curly hair.

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