15 ideas for curly hair style

These days, more and more women are gratefully accepting their natural texture, be it smooth, wavy, curly or curly. In fact, it is important to keep your locks healthy so that they are at their best. Logically, a well-chosen hairstyle is also useful in this regard. However, it must be admitted that the situation can be difficult for curly ladies, as there are certainly many variables to consider when it comes to cutting curly hair. Does it fit the shape of your face? Will it match your curls? Margin or not? Then there is the issue of maintenance – hair masks, monthly coloring, etc. How much time are you willing to dedicate to designing those amazing locks? In order to guide you through the possibilities before you, we have put together a photo gallery of women who have dared to embrace the latest haircuts right now.

Which curly haircut would you choose to tame your naughty locks and be on-trend?

Relax, we’ll think of you. We’ve picked some of our favorite curly-haired celebrities who sport some of the most modern and elegant styles. Bookmark this page the next time you plan to visit your hairdresser. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to ask her for advice on the best care products to keep your curls looking and feeling great.

Gradient on curly hair

Dilapidated curly haircut

Surrender to the charm of a decadent woman’s cut! This hairstyle is great because it is layered, leaving the curls light and airy. The layers are stacked on top of each other and fused into the ring. The ends of the braids are left free, adding style to the whole look. This cut is ideal for type 3A to 3C curls because its height and lightness work best with layered side dividers. At the salon, ask your stylist to blow-dry your curls to prevent them from shrinking, especially bangs.

Degraded medium length haircut

Decaying haircut - curly hair - blonde woman

Haircut for curly curly hair

Bob cut for curly hair

We are simply intrigued by the volume and consistency of Viola Davis’ hairstyle, which is absolutely perfect for type 4A to 4C curls. It is the texture of these braids that keeps the afro locks stacked and in their royal shape, without falling out or splitting at the top. Ask your stylist to cut your hair pointed at the nape of the neck, extending it at the ears, and up to the highest point in the middle of the forehead.

Medium length curly haircut

Haircut for women with medium curly hair

Kerry Washington’s curls tumble down her shoulders and the shorter layers around her face add a nice softness to the look. We would really love to know her secret weapons to keeping her hair plentiful and luxurious. These are the size and texture. The layers open up her face and add movement to her locks.

Curly woman haircut with bangs

Curly haircut with bangs

Fringe on curly hair is absolutely stunning! The bangs soften and frame the face while drawing attention to the eyes. To get that look like Yara Shahidi, trim your locks every six to eight weeks, especially if you have a very defined cut that you want to maintain and keep fresh.

Lob cut on curly hair

curly lob hair for women

Songwriter Ari Lennox has been an inspiration to us when it comes to natural hair for quite some time now. Here, her curls fall just above her shoulders, creating a nice balance with the slight volume in her locks. Sure, it looks like a lob, but as anyone with curls knows, if she styled her hair, it would probably go beyond her armpit. Ah, the magic of contraction.

Ari’s style is washing and cleaning. Using a great conditioner and curl cream is the key to success. Together, these products provide just the right amount of hydration needed for frizzy hair, not to mention amazing shine.

Hair cutting for big curls

Janelle Monae's haircut for big curls

This cut adds volume to the sides and helps make fine hair appear fuller. It works best on natural type 2C curls, although it is clear that with the magic of a hairdryer you can create this effect if the curls are tighter. To maintain this size, keep the ends of the locks blunt and gradually give a very slight horizontal cut. This will create a more rounded contour and avoid the harsh triangular shape.

Thick curly hair cut

Melina Matsoukas haircut for curly and thick hair

Please pay attention to how complete Melina Matsokas curls are. Thanks to this slightly layered lobe, which allows the braids to stack nicely on top of each other. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to cut your hair slightly damp to bring this sharpness closer to your neck. Next, get it to start layering it and cut the angular crease near the outer edges. This will allow the curls to be beautifully layered on top of each other, leaving a multi-layered look on the outer edges, without losing length and elegance.

curly pixie

Halle Berry cut curly pixie woman

Forget everything you’ve heard about short curly hairstyles. Halle Berry’s soft cut fits almost any fabric and doesn’t require as much maintenance as you might think. Ask your stylist for a layered pixie cut style. You don’t want a precise cut. It should be longer on top to show off the texture and choppy side. Allow it to dry naturally and use an anti-frizz product to give the upper part sheen and shine.

Cut curly and fine hair

Jasmine haircut for fine curly hair

Jasmine Sanders’ mid-length layers help show off her hair’s natural volume. This minimal maintenance technique makes fine locks appear heavier. For styling, use leave-in conditioner on damp hair with a detangling brush.

Long curly hair cut

Emmy Rossum haircut for long curly hair for women

Emmy Rossum’s long, curly hair is her signature. The way this cut is done, there will be no weight build-up at the bottom as the locks grow. This hairstyle is perfect for waves and curls as it showcases length and layering techniques. To recreate this look, use a curling wand from mid-length to ends and spray with setting spray.

Shaggy cut on curly hair

curly hair shaggy hair cut idea

Some women believe that using a razor is strictly prohibited with curly hair. However, when you want a choppy, shaggy look like this one – fuller towards the roots and more curved at the ends – the best approach is to use a razor. A word of caution: a razor can cause extra frizz if you have very fine hair. Therefore, this technique is intended for looser curls, like Rihanna’s. Use a serum or pomade when hair is damp and allow it to dry naturally. Don’t touch them.

Shaggy curly haircut for women 2021

Shaggy cut on curly hair for women

square curly

curly square woman haircut idea

Superstar Susan Kelechi Watson offers a whole new definition of “go big or go home.” The angular shape avoids flattening the roots and thrives on the sides. The space between the end of the cut and the shoulders creates a very beautiful bob shape. As you move and turn, you can see your shoulders and collarbones, which is a great look, especially for a formal event.

Apply oil to your locks cut in a curly, zigzag shape to boost shine. You can also use a diffuser to add more volume, or make small swings when hair is wet, creating polished waves and a cohesive pattern.

blonde curly bob haircut

square blonde curly hair

woven bucket hat

selenis leyva woman cut curly textured bob

We’re always ready to have a messy and terrifying bob. What we love most is that although it’s a sharp cut, Orange Is the New Black Star Selenis Leyva’s tips look really healthy. This is a gorgeous chin-length bob with layered tops to brighten it up. The sharp texture creates a statement and gives curls something that falls naturally. We also love the heavy side part, which is cut to fit the other side.

Natural curly bob haircut

Square bob cut curly woman hair

Curly haircut after 50

Sandra oh 50 year old curly haircut woman

Sandra Oh’s curly haircut was the envy of everyone when she first came out. This hairstyle is really perfect for curls and waves. It gives style instead of a bunch of frizzy hair on top of your head. The shape makes it possible to frame the face well.

Short curly hair cut

solange knowles pixie fro short curly hair

Can’t decide between a pixie and an afro? Why not try both? Combine it with layered pieces like Solange Knowles. Since this haircut is very short, it can be a big change for people with medium or long hair. To make sure your stylist is the same height, share a photo (like this one) with them before the session begins.

Short curly haircut with side shaving

Short hair shaved side of the woman

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