14 modern ideas that will sublimate women’s heads, regardless of their age

From fashion to manicure, to interior decoration…the trends of 2022 promise to be hot and full of surprises. And the world of poetry is no exception. On today’s show: A short haircut for women from every angle is going to be a sensation this year. Which one is made for you? Don’t hesitate anymore and read on to find out which short haircut will be trendy for modern girls, as well as for women in their 50s, 60s and 70s! In addition, we offer you a whole range of trendy ideas to adopt with closed eyes. Starting !

What short haircut 2022 for modern girls?

When it comes to a short haircut for women 2022, the possibilities are literally endless. So it is not at all surprising that the majority of girls have difficulty choosing one hairstyle. To make it easier for you, our editors have found out which cuts will be at the top of this year’s trends. Before offering it to you, remember that moisturizing the scalp and hair is an essential step that allows you to have a healthy and shiny mane.

Planet Pop

Short Haircut for Women, 2022 Fashion Planet Bob, Chiara Ferragni

Do you need a short haircut for women that is easy to style and maintain? Bob Planet was made for you! Recently made famous by Chiara Ferragni, this square family piece features a very straight line that brings more thickness and strength to the hair. It is worn softly or slightly wavy and tends to accentuate the features of the face. This short haircut is also very versatile and customizable to taste, moreover, it adapts to all types and textures of hair.

Short Haircut for Women: The Crop Bob

Women's Short Haircuts 2022 Bob Hair Trends

It looks like 2022 will undoubtedly be the year of Bob’s cuts! And what is our favourite? Crop Bob came straight from the ’90s to give themselves a second life and bring the magic of classic spirit to our hair. It’s cut at the jawline and chin and can flatter every face. To suit the modern women’s short haircut, all you have to do is let your hair air dry and place it behind your ear for a very sleek/shaggy look.

Moreover, Crop Bob removes the face and is the perfect short haircut for women who wear glasses to adopt without delay.

glass hair bob

The latest short hair styles for women 2022 glass hair bob

Well and truly bob reigns over the heads of modern girls and Hollywood stars, and for good reason. The ladies’ short haircut par excellence, is entertaining the scene for all types of man and faces. To adopt it in the manner of glass hair, we recommend that you first choose a shorter length, at shoulder level. Your hair should be smooth and completely straight. Know that using styling products is essential to making your hair soft and shiny.

Short haircut for women with bangs

Short women's haircuts fashion 2022 short square with bangs

Here’s another retro hair trend that’s making a comeback: the short bob with bangs! Layered, asymmetric, curly, slightly wavy or completely smooth – the bob bends according to the wishes of the wearer. For bangs, this also offers several options to choose from: thick bangs, drapery, side back and more.

Wavy Lube Cut

Trendy Short Hairstyles 2022 Wavy Lob

If you’re not brave enough and don’t want to cut everything, we offer you a compromise: a lob cut. The latter allows for a length slightly higher than the shoulders, giving more thickness and texture to the mane. In other words, it’s the perfect way to add volume to hair! Definitely embrace it with your eyes closed.

Short haircut ideas for 50 year old woman 2022

Short Haircut Woman 50 Years Meg Ryan Hairstyles Trend Idea 2022

What is the trendy short haircut of 2022 for women age 50 and over? So, if you’re having trouble finding the hairstyle that suits you best, you’ve come to the right place because our editors have discovered the 4 short haircuts for you to consider. to focus!

square with texture and fringe

Short haircut for women over 50 2022 square with texture and bangs

Did you know that this 50 year old woman’s short haircut is actually the best hairstyle for ladies of this age? Why exactly? Textured bobs help revive fine hair by giving it thickness while bangs add a more youthful look that makes the years disappear from your face.

gradient layers bob

Short haircuts for women 2022 Short haircuts for women 2022 trend bob degenerate in layers

The Layered Layered Bob is one of those shorts that is easy to wear and maintain and proves to be the perfect choice for women over 50! In addition to adding texture to the hair, this bob also lends a youthful and playful touch to the look. The Layered Gradient Bob works best on women with an oval, square, and heart-shaped face. However, you will need a fabric styling spray and that’s it!

voluminous layered lob

Short Layered Lob Short Haircut For Women Over 50

Here is another short haircut for women over 50 that tends to add texture to a skinny guy making it appear cooler and thicker. However, this hair style suits women whose hair is thin, tired and has lost its life. In short, this cut allows an instant boost!

cut genie

Short hairstyles for women with a pixie haircut 2022

The Pixie cut returns in 2022 as a trendy hairstyle that appeals to young women and adults alike. It is indeed the classic choice for middle-aged women who want to change their hair style. In addition to requiring less maintenance, the Pixie cut is totally easy to style and brings this je-ne-sais-quoi to every woman’s hair style, no matter their age. We recommend that you choose locks that are a bit longer on top and around the face while keeping the hair very short at the nape of the neck.

Short haircuts for women over 60

Short haircut for a 60-year-old woman with glasses fashion ideas 2022

What about the trends of short haircuts for women over the age of sixty? Here, there are many surprises that you will surely enjoy. A close-up of the three short hairstyles that will grace the faces of older women.

Square in jaw with long bangs

Square in jaw with long bangs Short haircut for women 60 years

A bob cut that ends at the jaw line and accompanied by long bangs can brighten the faces of 60-year-old women without much effort. To further freshen up your hair, our editors recommend incorporating colored locks, preferring blonde, caramel, brown, etc.

Women’s Short Haircut: Pixie Layered Bob

pixie layered bob short haircut woman 60 years short haircut woman with glasses

The Layered Pixie Bob is a cut reminiscent of a feathered bob that brings texture and well-defined locks to the hair of women over 60 who tend to have rather fine hair. On the coloring side, you can choose one of the trendy hair colors of 2022 or bet on classic gray, dark blond or star shade for women of this age – mahogany red.

Stylish Asymmetric Bob

Short haircut for a woman with fine asymmetrical hair, the trend of bob chic hairstyle 2022

Choosing an asymmetrical cut will definitely refresh your facial features while adding a touch of elegance to your overall style. Just like the square that ends at your jaw line, here too we recommend waking up your hair more with colored locks. How about, say, silver locks on a brown mane? It’s the perfect combination to look more youthful on top of the latest hair trends for 2022.

Short haircuts for women over 70

A short haircut for a 70-year-old woman with ideas for glasses A short haircut for a woman who is easy to style

Finally, we will end our article devoted to short haircuts that will celebrate the current year with two ideas for women 70 and over who want to take care of their men and respect the new 2022 trends.

Square Cut “French”

Square cut French woman 70 years bob with a short cut with bangs

And here is the return of Frenchman Bob, who promises to sublimate the heads of seventy-year-old women in 2022! To give your hairstyle a boost, use this bob clip with bangs to create a smaller, fuller look. Keep in mind that you will need a fabric styling spray.

Very short pixie cut for fine hair

A very short short cut for a modern 50-year-old woman

Need an inspirational idea for a short haircut for a 70-year-old woman with glasses? Do you want to increase the density of your fine hair? No problem ! Once again, the editorial team of Deavita.fr stands by you to provide you with an original option that you can adopt with your eyes closed: the ultra-short Pixie cut that requires minimal daily maintenance and is ideal for ladies who wear glasses.

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