12 celebrity looks that will give you the courage to take the lead!

Yes, it is true that it is never easy to say goodbye to our wonderful lengths. But once you adopt a short haircut, you won’t be back! If you’re thinking about opting for ultra-feminine short hair, know that you won’t be the only one falling out with this practical look! And on this occasion, Deavita will introduce you to the stars who have dared to change their style, without fear of radical transformations.

Women’s short haircut: why is it a good idea?

short hair styles for women

Many Hollywood ladies have swapped out long hair for a more sophisticated style, and they were right! Aside from the elegant look that a short haircut on your head will call for, it will definitely give you the coolness you are looking for in the hot summer months! Not to mention the fact that shoulder length hair takes less time to wash and style. From the soft square bob with or without bangs, to the platinum blonde pixie to the “shaved head,” the variety of styles is enormous!

Short haircut highlights natural curls!

Short Hair Trends For Curly Haired Women

Today we’re taking the stars to our models and to start off on the right foot, we chose to start our hairstyling show with actress Ruth Negga. Every walk on the red carpet leaves us speechless! Here, the actress opted for a short hairstyle that was simple and refined, while showing off her natural curls! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that curly or wavy hair is the most gorgeous of them all!

Super trendy wavy bob!

Short haircuts for women Short haircuts for women Brown haircuts

One of the Hollywood stars who ditched their sturdy, chunky locks for a wavy bob was none other than Vanessa Hudgens! The actress and singer has allowed herself to be seduced by the “shaggy-combed” look, which is a real trend right now. This effect is not at all complicated to achieve! To achieve this, use sea salt spray and roll your lengths with your fingers until you get the desired result!

Bob Blunt will be on everyone’s mind!

Short haircut for women with strict blue square hairstyles for women with a short trend

After the summer season, cut your hair while you lie down to the magic of Bob Blunt! This year it was widely spotted on the runways during Fashion Week! Plus, it’s worth noting that a square bob is not at all easy to wear, especially in blue, but we just saw that Katy Perry works very well with both!

Ultra short pixie cut in platinum blonde color

Woman short haircut woman short hairstyle platinum blonde pixie

It’s been a while since Michelle Williams had such a hit when she made the decision to go from long to short! This short haircut has become inseparable from her image. So much so that Pixie’s story powerfully evokes the actress’s pretty face every time we think of it! It is a true flattery for all women with thin and oval faces. The Pixie cut will highlight all your features! Even if you have a high forehead, you can still use the longer version while still letting some strands fall above your eyebrows! It will definitely have a feminine effect on you!

Hair makeover: short haircut in platinum blonde

Short Hairstyles For Women Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyles For Women Degraded Short Bangs

Our favorite singer Taylor Swift recently experimented with a completely new hairstyle with this platinum blonde bob with long, slightly bouncy bangs. It’s a rocky hair transformation that suits her perfectly! For some, Taylor’s look was the result of a wig, but anyway we loved this makeover!

Boyish short haircut

short hair styles for women

Long, short, straight, wavy, curly, colored hair… We’ve seen just about everything when it comes to Anne Hathaway. The actress who played the main role in the adaptation of the novel “Les Miserables” has made several gaffes on the red carpet in terms of hair and makeup. Fortunately, this was not the case during the filming of the movie. At the time, she had to get a pixie cut which turned out to be a very good idea!

Short haircut with wet effect

short hair styles for women

Only Emma Watson knows how to liven up her short haircut. She smeared it back and behind the ears, used wet spray to compose and change her beautiful hair!

Short Haircut: Messy Pixie Cut

Short Hair Styles For Women Hairstyles For Ladies Red Carpet Looks Short Hair Styles

Halle Berry is a huge fan of the Pixie story! Here, the actress opted for the natural look with shaggy hair that helps emphasize her professional makeup.

A short chin-high haircut for a square face

Short haircut for a decadent woman with light blond bangs

This piece is especially for ladies with a more prominent jawline who need to be smoothed out with a well-designed short haircut! For this, go to chin length with tight locks pulled back over the forehead.

Short Haircut: XS Mane in Peroxide Blond

Woman cut very short hair trend famous women's hairstyle

Turns out Kristen Stewart is one of those celebrities who has dared to undergo drastic transformations. With her ultra-short peroxide blonde hair, she’s definitely caused a stir throughout the hair world.

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