11 hairstyles to sublimate and tame them

Thick, voluminous hair, sure, but it’s hard to tame, can be our best and worst enemy. However, even if you want to have fine hair, know that your natural hair type has much more potential than you think. As we know, it is not always easy to know what suits us best in terms of hairstyles. writing shock optimist body Then there’s his communicating his darkest secrets to you, to become one with your thick hair and avoid the helmet effect. Follow the guide!

1 – cut the afro

This is the perfect short haircut for afro hair.

2 – Childish Fiction

So we opt for a cut that’s very short, semi-shaven or boyish draped over the ears, Very feminine.

3 – square gradient

Short is very suitable for thick hair. However, medium lengths that will increase the volume rather than break it should be avoided, if that is your desire. So we avoid cutting the bowl, the too short sunken square or Any other “ball” pieces This gives the hair a thicker and more voluminous appearance. Instead we fall into the irresistible and irresistible gradient square Begins at the lower jaw bone or in the middle of the neck.

4 – the long square

The long bob helps preserve the rough lines and texture of the hair For a fresh and modern look. Above all, it is degraded at the tips to avoid the Playmobil effect. We’re inspired by Cara Delevingne’s long bob or Emilia Clarke’s wavy bob.

5 – Gradient on long hair

The longer the hair, the greater its weight. Thick hair falls below the shoulders and becomes less puffy. The advantage is that all long cuts are allowed, straight deterioratedSoft curly.

6 – Curtain margin

To twist its length, you can even afford a fringe on thick hair. We choose the fringe of the curtain For example or a long and slender fringe gives structure to the cut.

7 – Gradient on the locks

It is possible to make a cut of medium length, but in a degraded version. Then we recommend a slight gradient on the front locks To make it more airy.

8 – pointed tips

A simple way to lighten thick hair is to loosen the ends. Tapering tips will bring movement for your hairstyle.

9 – long bangs

Long thin bangs on thick hair allow you to do this Remove weight by dividing bangs into small sections, which allows the forehead to appear. When you are doing a ponytail or a low bun, the curtain bang will act as an ‘accessory’.

10 – Undermining

Undermining is avant-garde technology practiced by some hairdressers and which consists of cutting very short, barely 0.5 cm, strands of hair under the block. This highly degraded haircut makes it possible to refine the hair.

11 – Cut Bob

It consists of cutting wet hair and drying it with air to obtain a specific texture. can work on Hair of any thicknessbut the sharp shape is especially suitable for thick hair.

Now you know how to calmly approach your hairdresser appointment with thick hair. Share your favorite hairstyles in the forum, section Beauty and make-up to help the community.

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